“The heirs of film stars with the most unusual appearance”: Here are the kids of the stars with atypical look

This is how the heirs of the most atypical-looking actors and actresses look

It goes without saying that the life and activity of the heirs and heiresses of the well-known and successful people never cease to remain the center of absolutely everyone’s attention.

Especially, when the previously mentioned concerns those celebrities possessing rather atypical and extraordinary appearance. People have been wondering how the heirs of these three, perhaps, the most unusual looking celebrities look.

P. Dinklage

Despite the fact the legendary actor’s wife has an average height, Dinklage is well-recognized for his unusual appearance being only 138 cm tall.

It is worth mentioning that his two children haven’t, fortunately, inherited their father’s uniqueness and look totally normal.

R. Atkinson

And here is the idol of millions of people – Rowan Atkinson, who excellently played the legendary role of Mr. Bean. Many strongly hold the opinion that the comic film star possesses an absolutely distinctive and unique appearance, whereas the others are more than sure that his atypical mimics appear only when he gets into the role.

It should be noted that the actor has three children, two heiresses and one son who look like completely ordinary people. However, one can find very few pictures of Atkinson’s family.

R. De Palma

This absolutely unique actress gained worldwide fame and popularity after her cult role in “Women on the point of a nervous breakdown”.

The talented film star has two heirs who don’t look much like their mother.

What is your opinion about them?


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