“How she looks after losing 40 kg”: Here is the Queen of Hollywood comedies who managed to lose 40 kilos

This is how film star Alley at her 70 looks after losing 40 kilos

This legendary and worldwide famous actress is often described as “the Queen of Hollywood comedies” and has brilliantly starred in a number of films. Apart from her unearthly beauty and femininity, the film star is regarded the embodiment of charisma, talent and intelligence as well. Though Kirstie’s appearance has always been undergoing changes, she has never lost her charm and uniqueness.

According to the talented actress, she has always had a tendency to gain weight and had to go on diets and do regular trainings in order to keep herself fit and healthy.

Alley has also overused diet pills which were probably not of good quality and made her gain ever more weight.

Whereas the film star found enough courage in her and due to regular exercises and proper eating she could keep her weight in balance.

After having lost about 40 kilos, Kirstie looks simply amazing and much better than many other youthful celebrities.

It should be noted that no one would give her 70 since she looks much younger than her actual age.

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