“Even prettier without makeup than others with cosmetics on”: Shakira without makeup looks simply flawless

Have you ever seen Shakira without any makeup? Here she is!

The cult, talented and successful singer at her 43 prefers to lead a private and quiet way of life enjoying her precious time accompanied with her family. She rarely delights her fans appearing in public or sharing pictures of her on the web.

Her loyal fans and admirers never cease to compliment the celebrity on her attractive and simply amazing appearance, energy and great talent. Whereas far not every network user rushes to praise the artist.

After sharing a new “honest” photo without retouching, there could be found such comments as “Looks like an ordinary granny without cosmetics”, “She is absolutely perfect anytime and anywhere”.

“She is naturally beautiful”, “Not the same Shakira we all knew”, “Stop getting even more attractive!”.

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