“Everyone is powerless against time!”: Here are interesting shots showing the same celebrities at different ages

These are well-known celebrities at different ages in the same photos

It is actually a lot of people’s cherished dream to be endowed with an opportunity to go back to the past and return their former youth and attractiveness. Yet there are things in life we are, regrettably, not capable of changing. Some people even rush to install special apps and overuse photo retouching in order to make themselves look flawless and without any imperfection at least in the photos. And praiseworthy Dutch artist Ard Gelinck managed to create combined pictures of worldwide famous stars demonstrating them at different ages.

C. Cox

B. George

M. Streep

R. DeNiro

K. Steward

D. Radcliffe

J. Lopez

M. Jagger

S. Bullock

J. Gyllenhaal

E. Watson

D. Johnson

Late Queen Elizabeth the Second

D. Beckham

W. Ryder

J. Carrey

R. Witherspoon

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