“Hasn’t smiled for 40 years!”: Tess who hasn’t smiled for four decades for the sake of maintaining her youth

This woman hasn’t smiled for 40 years so that she could avoid the aging process

There occur many cases when people undertake crazy and extreme actions in order to maintain their charm and beauty avoiding the emergence of wrinkles and the process of aging. For example, we can take Tess Christian who is a British woman and who hasn’t smiled for forty years for the sake of maintaining her beauty and youth. That’s why she looks absolutely stunning at her 53.

She learnt how to take control of her emotions already in her childhood years. The thing is that Tess studied at a Catholic school where a smile and laughter were almost forbidden. Having graduated from the school, Tess refused the religion, whereas continued not to smile as before.

The time she saw all her friends rushing to undergo beauty procedures and Botox, she realized how Botox actually worked. It blocked all the mimics and made the skin feel relieved.

A number of cosmetologists find this method quite efficient and productive, whereas not as easy as one can imagine. And what about the viewpoint of many psychologists, the absence of smile and laughter can cause serious problems concerning one’s health and mental issues as the smile results in the generation of endorphin hormone which is responsible for the happiness.

As Tess mentions, she finds this method the most effective one among Botox, other beauty procedures and expensive face creams. Surprisingly, she actually has a sound sense of humor and her family members and friends don’t feel discomfort communicating with her. Tess firmly holds the opinion that the absence of smile and laughter don’t make the person boring, uninteresting and indifferent.

It should be noted that Tess didn’t smile even when her daughter was born as well as during her wedding. She certainly has a good command of controlling her emotions. She doesn’t smile even when she watches comedies.

Whereas one thing remains undeniable – at 53, Tess looks gorgeous and much younger than her age. It should be noted that such a method is also applied by celebrity Kim Kardashian who does her best to control her emotions.

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