Having gained 20 extra kilos during her pregnancy period, Rihanna appeared in public in a transparent dress

Iconic singer Rihanna who gained 20 kg demonstrated her body in a transparent dress

The brilliant and talented performer recently delighted millions of her fans spectacularly appearing in public. Having gained about 20 extra kilos during the period of her pregnancy, Rihanna appeared in a black dress with completely transparent parts immediately becoming the center of attention.

The network users rushed to leave such comments as “She is totally unrecognizable”, “Definitely gained much extra weight”, “She used to be a miniature and attractive lady!”.

“I hardly recognized her!”, “We hope she will soon return to her previous body shape”, “This is what family life sometimes looks like!”.

“We want the previous Rihanna!”, “She got even more beautiful”, “These extra kilos don’t anyhow ruin her beauty and charm”.

“She looks quite good, come on!”.

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