“Charms everyone even at 88!”: Sophia Loren still leaves everyone speechless with her splendid appearance

Italian actress Loren at 88 never ceases to delight her fans with her charm

It is rather hard to believe that the legendary and worldwide famous Italian actress has recently turned 88 since the iconic woman still looks absolutely stunning and impeccable. The star started to rarely appear in public and often prefers to spend her precious time with her family.

Sophia Loren is believed to be a very rare and exclusive guest on television shows, whereas lately the news of the long-waited opening of her own restaurant hit the internet and Loren, of course, couldn’t miss such an important and remarkable occasion.

The cult actress appeared in an elegant white suit completing her delicate outfit with valuable jewelry and accessories. “The age fails to ruin her unearthly beauty”, “Absolutely gorgeous Loren”, “She isn’t the same anymore”.

“The actress’s hands, unluckily, betray her real age!”, “And what if she washes off her makeup?”, “An ordinary granny!”, “Such a perfect outfit!”, “Wow, Loren”.

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