30 years difference in age didn’t prevent them from being together: The love story of Pierre Richard and his wife

The love story of French actor Pierre Richard and his wife who is 30 years younger

It should be noted that Pierre Richard is regarded one of the leading and most outstanding film stars in the French film industry who is well-known and highly respected not only in his homeland, but also all over the world.

Thanks to his charisma Richard has always been adored by millions, especially by women and, in his youth, the actor enjoyed his popularity among the huge army of female fans.

Despite being in his 80s, the French actor still maintains his charm and uniqueness, perhaps that’s why the legendary film star and his family still remain the center of journalists’ and paparazzi’s attention.

At the moment, the iconic actor is happily married to a Brazilian model and, regardless of having a huge difference in age, the couple is totally inseparable, even today.

The legendary spouses have been together for more than 20 years and are still madly in love with each other. They are considered the embodiment of true love and faithfulness by millions.

Currently, the admirable spouses live in a gorgeous mansion and fully enjoy their life together.

What can you say about the iconic couple?

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