Shorts from the children’s world and a top with a pressed shape  

36-year-old Irina Shayk again appeared on the catwalk as a top model at world shows and fashion weeks.

Commonly, Irina is also followed, paying attention to her style. Shayk surely has a style but not without some gripes and minor flaws.

Nevertheless, this time the model did something incomprehensible. Shayk came out in amazingly short shorts, as if from a childish world, and the burgundy top was so narrow that it squeezed the imposing appearance of the celebrity as much as possible.

Her outfit looked very crumpled as well as slurred, and it was hard to consider it fashionable. But on the other hand, the followers once again admired the figure of Ira, and the haters, on the contrary, emphasized that he had gained weight.

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