“Ah, what a woman!” The best shots from the life of Monroe, where she is unusually attractive  

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most attractive actresses in old Hollywood.

Although her life was rather short, and the result was unhappy, this woman still managed to leave a mark, thanks to which she is remembered as the most charming as well as an interesting woman for more than 80 years.

Monroe was fond of life very much and dreamed of having a big and joyful family. Sadly, what the woman dreamed of did not become a reality but we are sure that she could reach great heights if she lived.

And we have gained for you bright and optimistic shots of Monroe in memory of the successful shots of the celebrity.

So attractive and great.

Many dreamed of Merlin.

One of the most attractive and charming women.

Oh, that smile.

Perfect woman.

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