This is what the granddaughter of prominent actress Brigitte Bardot looks like who has recently turned 48

Here is cult actress Bardot’s granddaughter who inherited her granny’s charm

Iconic and legendary film star B. Bardot who is already at her 87 can nowadays be rarely seen in public and events. She is trying to avoid the paparazzi and journalists as much as possible and is currently leading quite a private and quiet lifestyle.

Despite the lack of information about Brigitte’s current life, we can, instead, see and admire the actress’s granddaughter who never ceases to delight their fans with her charm, femininity and unrealistic beauty.

Anne is the daughter of the French actress’s only heir and she has become a successful actress.

It is worth mentioning that Anne has inherited professional skills and huge talent from her legendary grandmother and looks stunning in spite of her age.

Do you think she looks like her iconic grandmother?

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