The 127-pound model demonstrated her figure in a new shot  

Tess is a popular American plus size model.

Beauty inspires all women to love themselves for who they are. Tess is not scared of criticism and actively shares pictures on her Instagram account.

As you can see, Tess does not worry about the unkind comments of jealous society. Recently, Tess posted a new shot, pleasing her followers. The woman appeared before the fans in blue shorts, gaining enthusiastic comments from the fans.

“You look beautiful”, “Gorgeous”, “What an attractive face”, “The best”, “You inspire people with your cuteness,” – Tess’s followers wrote. Nevertheless, it was not without controversy.

“Why show this?”, “I shouldn’t have seen” “Stop it” “It’s okay” “She hardly moves”, “Now I won’t sleep,” wrote Internet users. What’s your point of view?

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