Model with 91 kg weight posted a new shot on her Instagram account

The 32-year-old plus size model is not scared of wicked comments addressed to her.

The beauty frequently updates her Instagram account, pleasing followers with new shots and clips.

A woman proudly wears her beauty and is not ashamed of her “flaws”. A few days ago, Ashley shared a new shot, which appeared before the followers in a black dress. The woman showed off her shapely legs, getting enthusiastic compliments from netizens.

“Attractive”, “There should be many lovely women”, “Effective”, “At last, not slim”, “You look good”, “What a charming face you have. You won’t find flaws”, “Ashley, you are divine”, “This is how a real woman should be”, “The best”, commented Internet users.

Nevertheless, it was not without criticism. “Where is the beauty?”, “Not far from 100”, “I don’t like it”, “I need to lose weight”, and “I don’t understand people who admire these shots,” wrote Internet users. And which side are you on?

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