Demi Moore pleased followers with an incredible shot with Bruce Willis from the archive  

The Emmy Award was held the previous weekend.

Because of the epidemic, the event was held in a non-standard format. The ceremony itself was held online star guests delighted the audience from their homes. And Demi Moore made up her mind to recall how the ceremony was held in 1987. The actress shared a shot from the archive with Bruce Willis. Then the couple just got engaged.

It is worth mentioning that Demi was wearing a gorgeous black dress, and Bruce was wearing a laconic tuxedo. They were young and attractive. Fans were pleased with this shot. “True glamour”, “Dream couple”, “Good old times”, “Demi is attractive even after 35 years old,”- commented active followers. It is worth mentioning that some were astonished by the decision of photographs. Demi demonstrated to them her love for her ex-former husband. Thereafter, it was during this ceremony that Willis got the Emmy Award for Best Actor.

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