Bollywood film star Chopra made millions admire her unrealistic beauty and femininity

Fans came into delight seeing Chopra who gained weight but didn’t lose her charm

Millions hold the opinion that the actress can be considered “the second Aishwarya Rai” and has her own absolutely unique role in the film industry due to her charisma, brightness and femininity. There are now active discussions on the web on the topic of who is the more iconic and charming from them. It should be noted that no single one can stay indifferent towards the charming film star.

After a relatively long period of being “offline” and not appearing in public at all, Chopra delighted her followers posting new pictures from her new photo shoot.

According to a number of netizens, the iconic actress gained some weight, whereas didn’t lose her charm and continues making everyone admire her unique personality. The delicate sky blue dress she was wearing became the favorite of millions.

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