Instamodel and businesswoman Jenner was criticized for the way she dressed up her little daughter

Jenner recently dressed her little girl as if she is already adult and got criticized

A number of netizens rushed to criticize and judge the iconic celebrity and successful businesswoman for the way she lately dressed up her little daughter Stromi. Given the hot and stuffy weather, the child was wearing a leather jacket.

The charming pair was heading to launch the new collection of their cosmetic brand.

Everyone clearly understood that all this was simply for the sake of fashion and Kylie seemingly didn’t want her little heiress to be left behind. Anyway, there were negative opinions about this.

“She does everything for the sake of fashion. Can’t she take the fact that she is still a child into account?”, “As a mother, you should place a significant importance on her health”, “Why is she wearing a warm jacket in such a weather?’.

What can you say about her outfit?

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