These gentle-hearted men cut their long hair for the sake of those who are diagnosed with cancer

These heroic men willingly cut their hair giving it to those who have cancer

These generous and kind-hearted men’s praiseworthy and heroic act of cutting their long hair which they have grown for years and giving it to those who are diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy didn’t let anyone stay indifferent.

Taking into consideration the fact that some of them grew their hair for even decades, it was apparently not the easiest decision to give it to someone else. However, today’s men eagerly help the poor people with cancer as much as they can and except from others to do so.

The man eagerly gave his gorgeous long hair to those who are diagnosed cancer and are currently undergoing chemotherapy.

He has spent years growing his hair in order to give it to the needy ones.

Nothing can ruin one’s beauty!

Like two totally different people!

After one decade of growing his hair, the man donated it to those who, misfortunately, have cancer.

He seems to have made the right decision.

After about four years, he says goodbye to his hair!

He hasn’t changed a lot actually!

He also was eager to grew his hair for years.

For two years he hadn’t visited a hairdresser.

What a radical transformation!

In both pictures, he looks amazingly handsome!

It took him 15 years to decide whether to cut his hair or not.

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