“Princess Diana’s eternal competitor”: What secrets did Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles have?

The love story of Prince Charles and his beloved Camilla Parker-Bowles

It is no secret that Princess Camilla, the current wife of Prince Charles, used to be the least beloved Princess in Great Britain given the fact that the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was ruined before of her and, what is more, after the death of Diana the people blamed on her.

After Charles legalized his relationship with Camilla, people’s hatred gradually faded away and currently most of them have a neutral or even positive attitude towards her. But what about the members of the royal family?

Initially, William and Harry couldn’t accept their stop mother. Meanwhile, in the course of time, the woman managed to break the ice in their hearts and now the men ironically say that Camilla is not a bad or evil step mother.

It goes without saying that at first, Camilla was constantly criticized as exactly because of her the marital life of Diana and Charles wasn’t a success. Whereas in the course of time, the Queen accepted her clearly seeing that Charles is happy only with her.

As it turned out, Charles is really monogamous. During the wedding with Diana, he couldn’t hold back his tears since he had to break up with his beloved woman. Being married to Diana, the man admitted that no one else except for Camilla accepted him the way he was and that she was his biggest supporter and closest friend. Only with Camilla did he feel happy.


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