Here are 5 legendary celebrities who made their unpopular partners world famous stars

Thanks to these celebrities, their spouses gained world fame and popularity

We all strongly want to believe that in marital life endless love and family happiness are impatiently waiting for us, whereas there is a number of marriages of convenience, i.e. people intend to marry those who possess money, world fame or can be somehow beneficial to them.

Cases when unknown and absolutely ordinary people become popular stars due to their union with celebrities are widespread as well. Sometimes, this happens not deliberately, but in other cases, people intentionally marry those from whom they can take advantage.

Kseniya Borodina and Kurban Omarov – after marrying the TV presenter, the businessman immediately became an Instagram star.

In the 90s, believe it or not, Philip Kirkorov was not as popular and demanded as now. Whereas the relationship with legendary Pugachova helped him a lot.

The union with Daniel Kozlovskiy encouraged Olga Zuyeva to return to her homeland and achieve success here.

It is needless to say that even before meeting Victoria, David Beckham was quite famous in the sphere of football. Whereas thanks to his beloved wife, the man became the embodiment of style as well.

It is worth mentioning that Ashton Kutcher fell madly in love with Demi Moore when he was still 12 and had no idea that one day his cherished dream would come true. He was already an actor, whereas in the relationship with Moore, he became a world famous star.

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