A famous model with a unique appearance showed herself without makeup  

Sofia Khanjipanteli became popular all over the world due to her substandard appearance.

Fans throughout the world admire the exceptional beauty of the model. Famous photographers’ dream is a photo shoot with their favorite beauty. Agree, Sofia is not an easy matter to confuse with anyone.

The slightly model is an active Instagram user. Over 400,000 users subscribe to Khanjipanteli’s updates. The model proudly shows her natural beauty, indulging followers with fresh shots.

Recently, the lovely model shared candid shots without makeup with fans, making the Network happy. “So lovely”, “Unique girl”, “Hug and cry”, “I just want to tear these bushes for her”,

“I don’t like it”, “The girl with natural cuteness”, “Original”, “Just amazing”, “Why did I watch this?”, “Oh mom”, “Is this really probable?” – users commented on the Internet.

Do you like this natural beauty?

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