37-year-old Miranda Kerr demonstrated perfect legs, angering jealous users  

Judging by the shots of Miranda, the time has certainly paused for this Australian supermodel.

37-year-old Kerr looks 18 years old and even excites fans with shots in which the beauty proudly shows her natural beauty.

Recently, Miranda published a shot of the rest, flashing her perfect legs. It upset Kerr’s followers, who were quick to reward Miranda in the comments.

Users attempted to find “flaws” in the shot of the woman, finding errors in the details. Someone paid attention to the “gelatinous legs” of the model, and someone found traces of Photoshop in the shot.

Nevertheless, the majority of Internet users praised the lovely woman for her great figure, showering her with cute compliments. I think Miranda looks divine. Many women dream of looking like Kerr at the age of 37.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see any photoshop shots of the supermodel. One can only admire the photographs of Miranda. Do you love this model?

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