“Thank you for your genes and giving birth to me”: Actress Hayek congratulated her mother on her birthday

Actress Hayek finally showed her mother to whom she is grateful for her genes

On the 14th of July, the well-known and successful actress’s mother celebrated her birthday whom Salma sincerely congratulated on her Instagram page being grateful to her for her genes, giving birth to her and for everything. The actress shared a heartwarming joint photo with her beloved mother delighting millions.

It should be noted that they look like two peas in a pod and are both unearthly beauties. Salma’s mother is a praiseworthy opera singer with Spanish origins. The charming woman was married to a businessman with whom she had Salma.

Diana has done everything possible for the sake of her beloved heiress who, ultimately, has become a world famous and demanded actress. Salma often mentions the huge and irreplaceable role her aunt played in her upbringing together with her precious mother.

So, let’s now sincerely congratulate her mother Diana on her birthday.

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