“What an unusual name for their girl”: Turner and Jones became parents for the first time

Sophie Turner and her husband Joe Jones became parents for the first time

It is worth mentioning that the legendary couple of Joe Jones and Sophie Turner happily became parents for the first time. The couple legalized their relationship in May, 2021 and had a chic and luxurious wedding ceremony.

And the unusual name the spouses decided to give the newborn is Willa which greatly surprised their fans. There have been many predictions concerning the reason why the spouses gave their child such an extraordinary name and, according to one, the name Willa could be connected or associated with “Game of Thrones” and Turner’s role there due to which the actress gained world fame.

Whereas the couple hasn’t explained why they gave her such an unusual name yet. By the way, the actress probably won’t take part in films for a while, whereas Sophie promised to return to the filming right after she gave birth.

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