The daughter of Jessica Alba is growing a real beauty and can even surpass her mother in future

This is how Alba’s daughter looks who will soon surpass her mother in beauty

Charming and talented J. Alba has recently celebrated her 39th birthday, which is, frankly speaking, rather hard to believe as the star looks simply gorgeous. The actress gave birth to her first child in 2008 who is now growing into an unearthly beauty and a competitor of her mother, according to the netizens.

Recently, the adorable daughter of the celebrity, Honor, was caught in the streets of Los Angeles. It is worth mentioning that the youthful girl is currently in the center of everyone’s attention.

Jessica’s fans immediately came into delight seeing how beautiful Honor has become who often appears on her well-known mother’s Instagram page.

There you will find such comments concerning Honor and her mother as “The exact copy of her mother”, “A real beauty”, “What a lovely young girl”, “A cutie!”.

Whom do you think she looks like most?

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