They possess “Hollywood smiles”: These are 12 celebrities who gained more charm due to dentists

This is how famous people looked before gaining a “Hollywood smile” and now

When we talk about the “Hollywood” smile, we actually mean beautiful, snow-white teeth and it was Marilyn Monroe who first referred to the “Hollywood smile”. Whereas little did people know that the iconic stars haven’t obtained such a brilliant and mind-blowing smile from Nature. Experienced dentists did a good job on emphasizing their charm. We can witness the majority of today’s celebrities who possess snow-white and amazing teeth. Here are 12 stars who won’t let anyone indifferent with their smiles!

M. Cyrus

B. Lively

The star from “Harry Potter”, Matthew Lewis

K. Beckinsale

Here is Demi Moore!

Kylie Jenner! She looks unrecognizable.

This is Tom Cruise

G. Stefani

Here is legendary Ronaldo

M. Freeman

E. Roberts

N. Kidman

And these are celebrities who decided not to change their “flaw” which actually gives them charm and uniqueness!

K. Knightley

V. Paradis

T. Hardy

What can you say?

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