“I consider this a personal loss”: Elton John brought his fans into tears with his message to the late Queen

The beloved musician of the royal family addressed a speech to the late Queen

It is known that Elton John, one of the most beloved musicians of the royal family, recently addressed a sensational and powerful speech to the Queen who, regrettably, passed away on the eighth of September, 2022.

The cult artist admitted that the late Queen’s role in his life was enormous and irreplaceable. According to John, she was always by his side and never ceased to support him. The musician also added that he, in fact, was convinced that the Queen was definitely one of the strongest and most influential monarchs in history.

That was a personal loss for the man as he was really attached to the Queen whom he considered simply a fantastic and outstanding person. The musician’s heart is now broken and he sincerely hopes the Queen will rest in peace. These words brought many netizens into tears.

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