Unearthly beautiful and gracious: This is how the late Queen, Elizabeth the Second looked in her youth

These are archival photos of Queen Elizabeth II: How charming she looked!

It is simply beyond imagination that the Queen has brilliantly and diligently ruled the country for more than 70 years gaining the title of the longest-reigning and one of the most powerful monarchs in Britain.

It should be noted that the Queen is one of the most influential and legendary women on Earth whom people will always keep in their hearts.

The following phenomenal photos were taken by gifted and well-known photographer D. Wilding. In these fantastic photos, the queen wore “South Africa” jewelry that she was gifted for her 21st birthday.

There you can come across such comments as “How stunning she looks in here!”, “What a charming and admirable woman”.

Although the legendary queen is no more with us, we all will definitely keep her in our memory and a single thought of the late woman will warm our hearts.

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