Time has power upon everyone on Earth: Here are well-known celebrities in the 1990s and these days

This is how popular and successful stars looked in the 90s and now

Today, we are going to show you successful and well-known people during their first film roles in the 1990s and how they have changed so far. Let’s compare the appearance of these cult people before and now. It should be noted that no one can escape experiencing the aging process and world famous stars are also ordinary people as we are and are devoid of superpower to always remain young and attractive.

Reeves (34 years difference)

Thurman (in the late 90s and currently)

Here is Schwarzenegger in 1970 and now. Look at how much the legendary man has changed during these years!

During the first role of Foster and now

Phoenix in back 1995 and last year, during the nomination for an Oscar

Diaz in the year 1994 and these days

This is how Lundgren looked in 1985 and now

What does legendary Van Damme from 1991 look like currently?

Cult actor Pitt in the 1990s and now

Cruise, the difference is 40 years!

Depp, during his first role and now

In fact, Jolie has remained the same unearthly beauty and the embodiment of femininity.

DiCaprio, 45 years ago and now

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