“No one can avoid getting older”: The recent photos of Parker surprised her fans as the star looked aged

Far not everyone was delighted with the recent appearance of Jessica Parker

S. J. Parker never ceases to delight the world with her charm, huge talent and charisma. Whereas her followers weren’t actually used to seeing the prominent actress with grey hair and in sportswear.

Not long ago, the star, accompanied with her daughter, was caught by the paparazzi in loose sportswear and a grey top. Her look, according to some network users, was rather unkempt.

Jessica didn’t put on makeup, wore sunglasses and had a bun on her head.

Far not everyone was pleased with the appearance of the well-known celebrity. Many held the opinion that the film star didn’t look good and stopped caring of herself.

Meanwhile, her loyal fans were more than sure that their beloved actress looked just great and amazing at her age.

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