Newlyweds Affleck and Lopez had a wonderful time during their honeymoon in France with the kids

Lopez and Affleck enjoyed their honeymoon in the man’s estate in France

After happily getting married, the popular newlyweds had a fantastic honeymoon in a French style. The heartwarming pictures from that period delighted everyone without exception. The spouses decided to take the children with them and enjoy their precious time together.

The newlyweds tried not to pay much attention to the paparazzi and their gentle kiss was luckily caught on camera. The charming woman wore a summer dress with a flower pattern and looked absolutely happy accompanied with her husband.

What concerns Ben, he was in a sky blue shirt and black jeans. They didn’t mind taking photos of each other. The couple seemingly enjoyed their time.

It is worth mentioning that they have known each other for already 17 years. Their first relationship ended with a breakup and it took them years to restore their relationship and create a family.

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