Gorgeous Fox was spotted next to a cosmetic clinic and seemed to have had her lips bigger

Stunning Megan Fox was seen getting out of a cosmetic clinic with new lips

Shortly after the beauty procedure, the star was captured by the paparazzi who were lucky enough to come across the celebrity in Los Angeles.

The charming woman visited a luxurious clinic and her followers, once seeing the photos, rushed to conclude that the star had her lips bigger.

On that day, the popular actress was in black joggings, a top in the same color and fashionable flip-flops. Once getting into her car, she started to massage her lips which proved the previously mentioned. It is needless to say that she came from a visit to a beautician.

Her followers hold the opinion that actually there was no need to do anything with her lips as Fox always looked gorgeous and attractive.

Are you for or against such procedures?

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