This kid’s heroic act to grow his hair for years in order to make wigs for children who are sick

The little boy was growing his hair for years to sacrifice it to those with cancer

This heroic and praiseworthy boy named Thomas has already changed the lives of several children with cancer.

The little child was inspired by a TV show which revealed a little girl who had to get rid of her hair due to her disease.

Thomas felt that the world was rather unfair that some children possess thick and gorgeous hair and those who are sick are completely bald. The bighearted boy decided to grow his hair in order to make wigs for those poor ones.

He simply wanted to make the lives of those who are going through chemotherapy and difficult period of lives less burdensome and more joyful.

His aunt was truly proud of the heroic little boy capturing the whole process. She shared pictures showing Thomas with long hair and then, after he had his hair cut.

This heartwarming story was shared on the network leaving everyone speechless and inspiring more and more people to support and help the sick as much as they can.


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