“At the beginning of their relationship and now”: This is the couple of Pierce Brosnan and his beloved wife

Here are Brosnan and his wife Keely who’s changed beyond recognition

P. Brosnan is considered to be one of the most demanded, handsome and successful actors of our time. There is no need to mention that the legendary man has always had an army of admirers and millions of female fans. Meanwhile, the film star’s heart has always belonged to only one woman, his wife, to whom the great actor remains loyal till today. The man brilliantly played roles of spies, macho and courageous heroes. His beloved woman’s name is Keely Shai Smith who became the biggest love of his life.

Their first meeting was in Mexico, 1994. At that time, Brosnan was widowed as his first wife, unfortunately, passed away because of cancer.

And Keely managed to steal the actor’s heart who proposed the girl in 2001.

The charming couple has had two adorable children whose names are Dylan and Paris

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