“Holds an American flag”: The 3-year-old son of Markle and Prince Harry was caught by the paparazzi

Here is Prince Harry’s and Markle’s 3-year-old heir holding an American flag

It is no secret that the lives of world famous people and especially the royal family are constantly in the center of attention and it is sometimes rather hard for them to avoid the paparazzi or the journalists.

Recently, the adorable son of Prince Harry was caught who is only 3 years old and is named Archie.

The photo of the little boy holding an American flag immediately spread all over the network.

Many were more than sure that in this way Markle wanted to send greetings to her homeland and remarked the loss of Britain.


A number of people rushed to heavily criticize the act of Markle claiming that she doesn’t show any respectful attitude towards the royal family.

It is worth mentioning that the little cutie looks like the exact copy of his father in his childhood. Archie is absolutely adorable, isn’t he?

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