Cult Italian model and actress Bellucci’s wrinkled hands betrayed the celebrity’s actual age

Charming Italian diva Bellucci’s wrinkled hands showed the actress’s real age

The Italian icon of beauty and style enthusiastically continues to delight her fans with her femininity and unearthly beauty though the diva will soon turn 58.

Unlike many of her colleagues and other popular stars, Monica bravely chose the natural process of aging being strongly against any artificial ways of maintaining one’s beauty and youth.

The legendary woman was recently caught during an event and delighted her fans with her fresh and admirable look, stunning wavy hair and smoky eyes. Whereas once the actress started to use gestures, the body language, her aged and wrinkled hands immediately betrayed her age.

However, the star is not afraid of getting older and completely accepts the age-related changes in her appearance. She considers this a totally normal and inevitable stage of life.

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