“Looks like her grandchild!”: 64-year-old Madonna’s romance with a 23-year-old boy astonished the world

Madonna started dating a 23-year-old boy greatly surprising her fans

In April, the world famous and successful performer broke up with her ex-boyfriend with whom she had been dating for three years. And the reason of which was that she simply got tired of him. The iconic woman often tends to choose young boyfriends.

Currently, 64-year-old singer’s heart is occupied with 23-year-old Andrew who is now the biggest inspiration for the performer. For the Valentine’s day, the wonderful couple went to a Nigerian concert and then headed to a restaurant in Manhattan.

The romantic couple couldn’t stop hugging, kissing and warmly holding onto each other. No one knows how long their relationship will last, but we sincerely hope that they are absolutely happy together.

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