“The world lost a powerful leader, and I lost my beloved granny”: The Prince’s emotional message to his late grandmother

Prince William’s message to the late Queen made the British burst into tears

Prince William’s sensational and emotional message to Elizabeth the Second, his late grandmother didn’t let anyone stay indifferent and a number of people couldn’t hold back their tears. William’s words towards Queen Elizabeth made a deep impression on the people.

In his popular Twitter account, the Prince addressed a post to the Queen expressing all his honest thoughts, unbearable pain and downheartedness. The man mentioned that the world actually lost a powerful leader, and he lost his beloved grandmother.

As William remarked, the Queen always used to say that despair and unhappiness is the price that we pay for love.

All British people couldn’t stay indifferent towards the Prince’s sensational message since for some of them the death of Elizabeth was a personal loss and a real tragedy.

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