“Looks simply unrecognizable”: Singer Rihanna showed how she looks after giving birth

This is how singer Rihanna’s figure actually looks shortly after giving birth

The successful 35-year-old performer has been wearing very loose and oversized clothes for a relatively long time after giving birth to her adorable son in spring. In such clothes, the woman’s figure could hardly be seen and no one knew how the performer actually looked. Whereas this time, it was an exception.

The young mother appeared in a very tight dress which was not only very small and didn’t fit her well, but also emphasized her forms way too much. It immediately became obvious that the brilliant performer has gained a lot of weight and, according to some network users, should attend the gym.

However, there were also those who came into delight seeing the woman in this way claiming that those extra kilos, surprisingly, suit her and she doesn’t need to lose any weight.

What do you think? Does she need to lose weight?


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