“Extra weight doesn’t ruin her beauty”: Bellucci appeared in Venice film festival surprising everyone with extra kilos

The changes in actress Bellucci’s appearance left her fans speechless

The Italian actress and model has always remained the embodiment of beauty and femininity for millions of people all over the world. It is worth mentioning that the star is strongly against any artificial methods of maintaining one’s beauty and youth. The diva, believe it or not, hasn’t undergone any plastic surgeries and prefers to age naturally.

Monica could always boast on her stunning and mind-blowing figure. The Italian celebrity herself admits that these “extra kilos” give her charm and she has no intention to lose weight. The actress confessed that she doesn’t take up any sports and doesn’t attend gym. During the Venice film festival, the model was in a tight black dress with a big neckline and charmed absolutely everyone with her beauty and elegance.

Whereas even in a black dress, her fans clearly noticed the extra kilos their beloved star has gained recently. Those extra kilos didn’t ruin the celebrity’s unearthly beauty and femininity.

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