This unique girl who was always mocked for her weight at school has now changed beyond recognition

They didn’t recognize their classmate whom they made fun of at school

The classmates of Breanna started to heavily criticize and make fan of this absolutely unique schoolgirl whose weight dramatically increased jumping from 46 to 85 in just a few months.

Her extra weight was actually not caused by some health problems or disorders, but the overuse of junk or fast food. The little girl’s parents, misfortunately, failed to realize that it was not really good to constantly treat their daughter. The thing was that too much sweet badly affected the girl’s body and in the course of time she became unstoppable.

Her parents decided to turn for help as soon as their poor 10-year-old daughter’s weight reached 80 kilos which was simply incredible. The experts assured that Breanna didn’t have any health problems and the only thing she should undertake was to reduce the quantity of calories she consumed a day. The little girl should go on a special diet.

Besides the diet, Breanna began to take up sports, volleyball and swimming as well. It goes without saying that the start of a new lifestyle was rather hard for the girl whereas she managed to find enough will and determination inside her.

As a result, the girl has lost about 33 extra kilos and started to look and feel much better. It was now much easier to befriend with people.

Today, at the age of 14, Breanna looks gorgeous and is not going to stop. She only limits herself in fast food and has enough determination to move forward and realize her goals. She also helps other children who have extra weight to cope with it and get rid of fast food.

She is truly a heroine, isn’t she?


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