Here is Ernestine Shepard, the oldest bodybuilder: How does she look at the age of 84?

This is what the oldest female bodybuilder who is 84 looks like now

This absolutely unique 84-year-old woman has successfully entered the Guinness Book of Records with the title of the oldest female bodybuilder. The gorgeous woman encourages other people to reach their goals and ambitions as well.

Shepard was born in 1936. Everything started when the woman turned 54 and came into realization that her body was no longer fit and firm like before. Ernestine was supported by her sister who also decided to take up sports and started to be engaged in aerobics.

Soon, the sisters began to actively take part in bodybuilding contests. Misfortunately, her sister passed away and the heroic woman wanted to fulfil her cherished dream. She desired to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

The woman’s weight is 59 kilos and she is 169 cm tall. Ernestine trains every single day and mostly eats vegetables and meat.

There is no need to say that the bodybuilder looks much younger than she actually is. Unluckily, she partly lost her former shape because of the quarantine but is now planning on improving the current situation.

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