The man couldn’t hold his tears back when he got this unexpected present for his birthday

What was in the present box which made this man burst into tears?

The hero of today’s real story is Jay who was gifted a very touching and totally unexpected present during the celebration of his birthday accompanied with his family members and closest friends.

The present box with a note inside was from his stepdaughter and the man was impatiently waiting for the girl’s surprise. When the man opened the box, there were some papers there and only after reading the note did he realize everything and immediately burst into tears.

It turned out that those were the papers for the adoption of the girl, which she herself had been collecting for a relatively long time and only Jay’s signature was actually required. The man was so touched and happy that he simply couldn’t hold his tears back. The thing is that he loved the girl as though she was his own daughter.

“I have two wishes. The first one is that you will officially become my daughter. And the second one is to see how you are getting married.”.

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