“Hides her body with loose clothes”: 54-year-old Anderson was hard to recognize due to extra kilos

Pamela Anderson at her 54 looked unrecognizable with her extra weight

Nowadays, Pamela Anderson rarely appears in public leading a private way of life.

The superstar hasn’t appeared in various events and shows for a long time recently deciding to end her drizzling career and choosing a more relaxed way of life.

It is worth mentioning that last year Anderson married her bodyguard who is over 10 years older than the woman. And lately, the star was caught by the paparazzi in the streets. Many network users rushed to claim that the celebrity is now rather hard to recognize due to her extra weight.

She stopped wearing tight dresses and pants, instead, hides her body and extra 20 kilos with loose clothes. Would you actually recognize Anderson if you saw her in public?

What can you say?


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