Here are rules for raising kids: This is how duchess Kate Middleton brings up her children

These are rules that duchess Middleton follows in upbringing of her kids

It is believed that in the British royal family, children are raised in quite a strict way which is controlled by a Spanish nanny Maria Borrallo. She has been working as a nanny in the royal family for already 5 years. In order to be worth this title, Maria graduated from a college in Norland in which the best nannies in the world are trained. The graduates from this college work as nannies not only in the royal family, but also in families of Arabic Sheiks as well as popular stars in the show business.

It is known that Maria’s salary is about 70 thousand pounds per year. It is worth mentioning that the talented woman follows strict rules in the upbringing of the royal children.

So here they are!

Rule 1 – sleep

The children should go to bed at 7 pm.

Rule 2 – eat

Every single week, a completely new meal appears in the kids’ diet which they should taste. However, Louis doesn’t really follow this rule yet.

Rule 3 – walk

According to the experienced nanny, the children should always go for a walk regardless of weather conditions. Whenever it is rainy outside, they wear raincoats and are fully ready to take a walk.

Rule 4 – games

Games are placed a significant importance in a child’s development as well. They regularly play various games in the open air and solve puzzles at home. The children are not allowed to use any smart tabs or other digital devices.

Rule 5 – hobbies

No matter how old they are, the kids should have some hobbies such as horse riding or gardening.


What is your opinion about these rules?


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