This is how American actress Demi Moore’s boyfriend from Switzerland looks who is 13 years younger

Here is 59-year-old Moore’s boyfriend who is 13 years younger than the actress

The charming and talented actress’s boyfriend is Daniel Humm who is a master chef from Switzerland. The man is actually 13 years younger than the American diva, whereas the difference in their age doesn’t prevent the couple from being absolutely happy and harmonious. They have kept their relationship in secret for a relatively long time but now Demi decided to share it.

Now, everybody knows how the iconic actress’s boyfriend Daniel looks. It seems like the man is lucky enough to be with her, yet the woman can also boast on her boyfriend who is the owner of a vegan 5 star restaurant.

Humm frequently organizes pleasant surprises for his beloved woman and regularly prepares delicious meals. It is worth mentioning that Demi has been married three times and two ex-husbands of her were younger than the actress as well.

“Such a beautiful couple”, “We hope you will marry soon”, “They look harmonious”.

What do you think about this couple?

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