“Without a gram of cosmetics”: These celebrities who showed themselves without makeup are for natural beauty

Here are popular stars who are not afraid to show their natural appearance

It goes without saying that majority of celebrities and popular stars always manage to look gorgeous and simply perfect on the Red Carpet, shows or on stage only thanks to professional stylists and, of course, makeup artists. Most of them hold the opinion that they can’t afford themselves to appear in an unkempt look in front of millions as they can’t escape the paparazzi’s and their loyal fans’ attention. Meanwhile, what concerns these charming women, these celebrities can easily show their natural appearance without a gram of cosmetic products and still look gorgeous.


She looks totally unrecognizable without makeup.


Hardly anything changed in fact!


Her fans were slightly disappointed.


She has nothing to be afraid to show her natural appearance in front of the world.


This brilliant singer is among those few ones who frequently appear in public without putting on any makeup. She is naturally beautiful, there is no doubt.


She looks like a completely different person, according to her fans.


This successful woman also demonstrated herself without makeup.


This iconic diva doesn’t really need mascara, eye-shadows and a lipstick. She never ceases to delight her fans with her charming look.


It is worth mentioning that Hyland is absolutely adorable without wearing makeup as well.


Looks rather differently.


She looks quite good and well-groomed even without cosmetics.

Lady Gaga

Many network users claim the performer is literally unrecognizable in the right photo.


She has nothing to feel embarrassed!

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