Here are photos of 53-year-old celebrity Lopez in a swimming suit and without photo retouching

This is how superstar Lopez actually looks in a bikini without retouching

J. Lopez is a world famous and successful American actress and artist who never ceases to charm her fans not only with her brilliant performances and great talent, but also absolutely unique style and very interesting looks.

Recently, the iconic woman went on a vacation and had no idea that the paparazzi would catch her in a bikini and instantly share the photos on the web without retouching.

Some network users rushed to judge the superstar claiming that actually she doesn’t look the same as on her popular Instagram page.

On that day, the American actress chose a dark-green swimming suit completing her look with sunglasses and a bracelet on her left hand.

A number of network users held the opinion that the superstar looked like a totally ordinary woman, whereas there were also those who were sure Lopez looked gorgeous in any place and at any time.

How did you find her figure?

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