According to Banderas if women ruled the whole world, it would definitely be less violent

“If women ruled our world, it surely would be less violent”: Banderas

It is actually not only according to feminists that if women controlled the entire world then it actually would be less cruel and violent. The previously mentioned powerful statement is supported by this legendary Spanish actor as well who mentioned the same thought during one of his interviews.

The talented man added that women are actually placed an inseparable part and play an essential role in his life and that they are pretty mysterious creatures.

Banderas remarked that he would like women to gain more rights to rule different spheres of our life. According to the actor, it will undoubtedly be much better than the current situation.

It is also worth noting that the praiseworthy actor has excellently starred in about 100 movies and started to achieve much success and gain world fame due to his role of Picasso. The man was even nominated an Oscar for this legendary role.

Do you agree with the actor?

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