Gela Meskhi became simply unrecognizable due to the loss of weight after his divorce

After his divorce with Ekaterina, actor Gela Meskhi is hard to recognize

After Gela’s tragic divorce with Ekaterina Klimova, his ex-wife, the legendary actor stopped appearing in public events and shows and has changed beyond recognition. Whereas recently, the man did an exception and went to the premiere of a film wearing a beautiful strict suit.

His fans clearly noticed that their beloved artist lost much weight and looks simply unrecognizable. They got highly concerned about the man’s health. It is known that last year, the actor went on a diet limiting himself in sweets, bread and only ate healthy food, for the most part, salads from vegetables and fruit.

Gela remarks that he really likes such a healthy lifestyle and, besides his staple diet, the man drinks much water and regularly does exercises. It is worth mentioning that in 2019 the spouses officially divorced, whereas they have a daughter named Bella.

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