“Young face and wrinkled hands”: 64-year-old Madonna still delights her audience with her look

Charming Madonna’s wrinkled hands betrayed the real age of the star

Nowadays, more and more celebrities undertake everything possible in order to keep their beauty, youth and attractiveness. Some even look 20-30 years younger than they actually are and it is apparent that Madonna is among the celebrities from this list. The gorgeous woman has never cared about other people’s opinions dressing up and wearing makeup the way she wants.

Some of her fans criticize the performer because she sometimes transforms herself beyond recognition turning to various methods, procedures and Photoshop. She rarely appears in public, whereas regularly shares her new shots with her followers. Madonna often edits her photos and puts filters on them so as to look much better and younger on social media.

Meanwhile, the aged and wrinkled hands of the celebrity betrayed her real age. According to her followers, they looked like the hands of a granny. Her fans are wondering why she can’t accept herself.

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